The stud


Benefiting from a cutting-edge technology, the Talma Studfarm offer a breeding service in association with the Vet Clinic of Termes.

Various services are offered:

Gynecological follow-up and artificial insemination
• Insemination with fresh, refrigerated or frozen semen
• 24h gynecological follow-up
• Deep insemination for stallions with limited semen
Foaling and neonatalogy
• 24/24 Surveillance and Vet Assistance
thanks to Birth Control Alarm
• Emergencies and neonatal cares
Orphan foals adoption
• Rental of nurturing mares for foals which
lost their mother while foaling.
Stallion harvest and refrigerated semen shipping


How we see the breeding at Talma?
• 30 foalings a year
• Internationally renowned bloodlines
• Foals bred together with their counterparts
in 7/7 monitored parks
• Manipulation by qualified groomers
from foaling to 3yo national shows
• Horses broken in their 3 year-old
in calm and respect
• Attentive and cautious veterinary follow-up

Trust in our expertise, breed with us !

We offer a breeding boarding service. Bred with
our own horses, you'll get the thance to breed
your horses as professionnals.

Horse trade

You're looking for a horse show?
• We have horses from 4 year-old to olders
• We have as much amateur and easy horses as
very strong and promising professionnal horses
• Motherlines tried out for their quality
and the uniformity of their offspring.


You're looking for a breeding horse?
• From foal to 3 year-old or even breeding mares
• From the best Sires,
selected on performance and bloodlines
• From the best motherlines: TOSCANE,